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fire control training simulator

FCT is a virtual environment where naval gunners can safely practice the skills required for the remote use of automated small caliber guns.

Based on our proven Fleetman maritime simulator, the FCT has an exceptionally high-quality virtual environment to immerse gunners, surface warfare officers, principle warfare officers, and members of the command safety team in a virtual naval environment. Gunners learn basic operating procedures during weapon firing exercises in a virtual marine environment. The Fleetman Trainer and the FCT display a virtual environment containing the area, vessels, aircraft, and harbour models. The FCT may be run as a stand-alone trainer or as part of a networked exercise connected to a Full Mission Bridge Trainer (FMBT). The result is a comprehensive and cost-effective training solution that delivers considerable safety benefits by allowing student skill levels to be developed to near-operational standards prior to discharge of live ammunition.

Key Advantages

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