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Target Towing Operations

AAL provides operational and technical support for weapons training to the Royal New Zealand Navy (RNZN) and the New Zealand Army (NZA). AAL can provide these services in New Zealand, Australia, the Pacific and South East Asia.

The aerial target towing operations are based at Whenuapai Air Base where AAL operates and maintains the RNZN MTR-101 Towed Target Reeling Machine and support equipment, the Racal 2700 Miss Distance Indicator and the Low Level Height Keeping Target System.

AAL can provide a variety of aircraft and UAV's for AA, Air Defence, target towing, tracking, probes and strike profiles.

In addition, AAL can supply and operate a variety of EW, ESM & ECM training systems dependent on the customer's requirements.

AAL utilises the Workboats Macy Gray and Star Keys to support the RNZN's surface weapons training.

Macy Gray and Star Keys are used for towing the RNZN's surface targets for large and small calibre weapons in addition to the deployment, operation and recovery of the MASS NGS Range and Fall of Shot Recording System (FOSRS).

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