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Law Enforcement Training System

As the leading supplier of integrated live-fire and virtual weapons training systems, Meggitt Training Systems introduces the FATS® M100. The innovative simulation system employs multiple simulation and training modes using the flexible architecture needed to integrate Meggitt and third-party simulation, training and gaming products.

Meggitt's FATS® M100 system highlights the adaptable architecture and modularity that supports the rapid integration of evolving simulation technologies. This integration of training capabilities allows the use of commercially available image generating software to form the basis of the FATS® M100 system.

The FATS® M100 system supports the military training industry's next-generation training systems and Meggitt's own simulated weapons selection. The FATS® M100 system can incorporate a myriad of training components, including Meggitt Training Systems marksmanship, judgmental videos, traditional computer generated imagery and third-party virtual simulation products.

Supporting a full range of weapons, the system supports both individual and collective training throughout the full spectrum of military operations. A single system provides up to 24 weapons and multiple hit detection channels for expandable training capabilities. The FATS® M100 comes pre-loaded with a broad set of courseware to support training with embedded courseware creation tools.

The FATS® M100 provides an accurate simulation of weapons ballistics, and takes into account the effects of wind speed, weather, environmental conditions and direction. The shot analysis screen display identifies users' weapon aim points, shot location, and number of rounds fired. The FATS® M100 also provides real time monitoring for the training instructor, including muzzle trace with trigger pull, and trigger squeeze and butt pressure weapon diagnostics.

Meggitt's FATS® M100 is available in both static and portable applications. The FATS® M100 system can be delivered in a completely self-contained mil spec storage case for portability and protection from harsh environments. It can also be delivered in a rack-style configuration for a dedicated training classroom.

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