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Fall of Shot Recording System - FOSRS 2.0

   AAL has released a completely upgraded surface gunfire recording and analysis system “Fall of Shot Recording System” – FOSRS 2.0, which takes advantage of the latest generation camcorder optics and image management to record and measure the miss distance relative to the target, when viewed from the target towing vessel.

It is designed to be operated from a target towing vessel or firing vessel and provides real time calculation of two dimensional distances from a target to the projectile splash position.  The system comprises a hand held camcorder and ruggedised laptop computer that utilises latest generation optics and processor technology.

FOSRS 2.0 uses a Canon XF200 HD Camcorder and Panasonic Toughbook in a local WiFi configuration to provide real time streaming in challenging conditions at sea.

Using camcorder metadata, the FOSRS 2.0 application allows dynamic changes to the camera to optimise the image for the prevailing conditions; the calculation to determine the miss distance is adjusted to account for this.

The system is designed to operate for 8 hours on battery, with system memory capable of storing in excess of 130 hours video imagery and data.

FOSRS 2.0 is compatible with previous versions of FOSRS, and MXF or MP4 video recorded from other sources.  The system user interface is intuitive with a familiar Windows® feel.  The analysis is presented to the operator in a clear format and is automatically exported to MS Excel to produce the final report.





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