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6 Oct 21

OSI Maritime Systems contracted to provide Federal German Navy F126 Program with Integrated Bridge Management System ... read more

28 Jun 21

Kongsberg Digital (KDI) has announced that its state-of-the-art K-Sim Engine, K-Sim Cargo and K-Sim Navigation simulator training solutions will be the first to attain certification according to the new DNV class D standard ... read more

11 Mar 21

Canadian Maritime Bodies embrace Kongsberg Digital's eLearning Simulations as a cutting-edge educational tool ... read more

1 Feb 21

Kongsberg Digital launches remote, simulation-based DP training, accredited by The Nautical Institute ... read more

See also K-Sim Connect Remote DP Simulator brochure


21 August 2019

Australian Maritime College and KONGSBERG eye potential for VR training with renewed support program ... read more

July 2019

AAL has recently signed a long term agreement with the New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) for the provision of Operational Support Services (OSS).

AAL's proven capability in this area over the past 35 years together with its ability to deliver on a complex variety of operational services that involves some unique aspects, meant the contract was awarded sole source to AAL.

As part of the agreement AAL provides support in the form of vessels, aircraft, targets, training, ranges, scoring systems and people to assist the NZDF with its training and operations, predominantly in New Zealand, and occasionally supporting NZDF elements overseas.

This new agreement has been expanded to include maintenance and operation responsibility for additional support equipment. Also included in the agreement is a mechanism for AAL to potentially support foreign visiting militaries. AAL has been providing support to the NZDF since 1984 and is pleased to have been selected to continue to supply a widening range and scope of services and build on their close relationship with the NZDF.

May 2019

Royal Australian Navy continues to expand training capability with two new Ship's Bridge Simulators ... read more

December 2018

Learn more about Kongsberg Digital's exciting Maritime Simulation community and offerings.  See their latest magazine. ... read more

4 December 2018

MetOcean Telematics' New Zealand based partner, Air Affairs Ltd has been awarded the contract to supply the Royal New Zealand Navy with the next generation Mobile Acoustic Scoring System (MASS) ... read more

6 November 2018

Royal Australian Navy awards major Bridge Simulator contract to Kongsberg Digital ... read more.

9 February 2018

AAL is pleased to have provided our vessel to assist with the Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) survey of the sea floor between Kaikoura and Cape Campbell, in south Marlborough. ... read more

January 2018

AAL was pleased to be able to support the RNZN for their Fleet Shakedown Period in January 2018. .... read more

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20 September 2017

AAL was recently involved in support the Royal New Zealand Navy's Inshore Patrol Vessel HMNZS HAWEA undertake training for her deployment in Fiji ..... read more

14 September 2017

AAL and Kongsberg Digital joined forces at this week's NZDF Simulation Symposium in Wellington to share information on the latest industry developments in the area of Disruptive Technologies and showcase the capabilities and potential of using Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and emerging mixed realities ... read more

20 April 2017  

AAL today announced the release of a completely upgraded surface gunfire recording and analysis system “Fall of Shot Recording System” – FOSRS 2.0, which takes advantage of the latest generation camcorder optics and image management to record and measure the miss distance relative to the target, when viewed from the target towing vessel.

14 March 2017

International Maritime Institute of New Zealand chooses Kongsberg .... read more

February 2017

AAL's workboat MV Karen D has recently been involved in surveying the approaches to Auckland and Kawau Bay.  This task is being undertaken by Discovery Marine Limited (DML) as part of a contract they have with Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) ... read more

29 November 2016

Recent upgrades help bolster AMC's reputation as best equipped in the southern hemisphere .... read more

The Royal Australian Navy (RAN) is expanding its maritime simulator facility at HMAS Watson, Sydney .... read more

15 October 2016

Ships in Auckland for the Royal New Zealand Navy's 75th anniversary are taking part in training exercises.  In support of the training exercises AAL provided all vessels for Ngatahi and Boarding Operations for Mahi Tangaroa.... read more

September 2016

Meggitt Training Systems on display at the Adelaide Land Warfare Conference ....        read more

April 2016

A state-of-the-art simulation facility has been opened in Sydney that will enhance training for Royal Australian Navy .... read more

March 2016

Simulation technology has become a crucial tool in training Navy personnel on procedures and technical skills .... read more

February 2016

AAL recently participated in the Defence Technology Agency's (DTA) engineering sea trial for the Multi Influence Sensor System (MIS) ...

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