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November 2016

Recent upgrades help bolster AMC's reputation as best equipped in the southern hemisphere .... read more

The Royal Australian Navy (RAN) is expanding its maritime simulator facility at HMAS Watson, Sydney .... read more

15 October 2016

Ships in Auckland for the Royal New Zealand Navy's 75th anniversary are taking part in training exercises.  In support of the training exercises AAL provided all vessels for Ngatahi and Boarding Operations for Mahi Tangaroa.... read more

September 2016

AAL recently attended the Land Warfare Conference (LWC) in Adelaide.  AAL is the New Zealand agent for Meggitt Training Systems which was represented at the LWC by Meggitt Training Systems Australia (MTSA) with an impressive stand.  The stand included a FATS® 100e mobile weapons training system which is introducing revolutionary features such as advanced game engine 3D Marksmanship, enhanced diagnostics with intelligent Automatic Coaching and VBS3-based Collective training, enabled by the FATS® M100's open architecture.

The system included Meggitt Training Systems' wireless weapons technology with BlueFire® M4 and Glock 17 weapons – smart weapon simulators that look and perform exactly like their live counterpart. These weapons replicate the fit and function of live weapons using wireless communications, and provide the same accurate, real-time training diagnostics as tethered weapon simulators.  The weapons provide magazine reloading simulation and realistic weapon recoil, replicating that of a live weapon. To further aid in realistic training conditions, every detail of the weapon has been duplicated, even down to the number of rounds contained in its magazine.  BlueFire® weapons identify training diagnostics, including point-of-aim, weapon status, trigger pressure and cant.

February 2016

AAL recently participated in the Defence Technology Agency's (DTA) engineering sea trial for the Multi Influence Sensor System (MIS). The MIS is a sophisticated system for measuring a vessel's acoustic, magnetic, electric and pressure signatures. The system is light weight and portable (able to be deployed and recovered from a RHIB) and can be fully operational in about an hour.

It consists of a fibreglass sensor frame that sits on the seabed and measures the influence signatures. This frame is connected to a surface float via a 200 metre underwater cable. The surface float provides power for the system and transmits the raw sensor data via radio link. The ranging can be monitored from either a support ship or the vessel being ranged.

The MIS is nearing the end of the development and testing phase and AAL as a commercialisation partner with DTA will be marketing the MIS to potential customers.

MIS TrialThe MIS surface float being deployed from a RHIB

March 2016

Simulation technology has become a crucial tool in training Navy personnel on procedures and technical skills .... read more


April 2016

A state-of-the-art simulation facility has been opened in Sydney that will enhance training for Royal Australian Navy .... read more

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