Training and Systems Solutions for Defence, Government Agencies and Maritime Institutions

AAL provides vessels and aircraft to support the NZDF, and a wide range of manned and unmanned air, surface and land target systems and technologies that assist our services to test, evaluate, and maintain operational competencies.

The Auckland-based company manufactures specialised underwater signature systems in a collaborative arrangement with the Defence Technology Agency.  Systems include the Diver Signature Evaluation System for evaluating diver performance when identifying and deactivating seabed mines; and the lightweight and deployable Multi Influence Sensor System designed to detect and measure the signature levels of vessels.

AAL is the New Zealand agent for international defence suppliers, and provides project management, training, technical support and consulting services.

AAL Australia Pty Ltd (Sydney) is a wholly owned subsidiary of AAL established to support Kongsberg Digital maritime simulation within Australia and Papua New Guinea.



TRACE International Inc. (TRACE) has successfully completed a TRACE Standard due diligence review of Air Affairs Limited (trading as AAL).  TRACE has granted Air Affairs Limited (trading as AAL) a certificate of membership signifying the company's committment to transparency in international commerical transactions.

News in Brief

20 September 2017

AAL recently supported HMNZS HAWEA in Fiji .... read more

14 September 2017

AAL and Kongsberg Digital team up at the NZDF Simulation Symposium .... read more

6 July 2017

Delivery of Advanced Handling Ship Dock Engine Room Simulator .... read more

20 April 2017

AAL announces the release of the upgraded Fall of Shot Recording System - FOSRS 2.0 .... read more

14 March 2017

International Maritime Institute of New Zealand chooses Kongsberg .... read more

Budding maritime officers can now test themselves at a ship's helm in all weather conditions and in ports throughout New Zealand and worldwide – without leaving the safety of a training room at NMIT.... read more

February 2017

AAL's workboat MV Karen D has recently been involved in surveying the approaches to Auckland and Kawau Bay .... read more

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